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Next find a sample of a P-51 flyover, up close and personal, taken from the fantastic CD "The Power and the Majesty, Volume II".  It is my favorite track for clean P-51s (as well as trains).  Here is one of the Confederate Air Force Mustangs going over.

The falcon's sound was inspired by the venerable North American P-51 Mustang. The radial piston sound from the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine is one of the most pleasing propeller-driven aircraft sounds ever.   And it is the sound of victory for many WWII vets.

If you slow this sound down you will get the base roar of the falcon.  Add in some high frequency envelope and you are there.  

Note that you need a good clean recording of a P-51 going directly overhead.  Very similar to what Ben Burtt did at the airshow in the 70s.  The fast Doppler sound is a must to get the correct effect.  Recording a flyby that is far off your baseline will not give you the desired effect since the Doppler is not big enough.

the millenium falcon